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Killers of Love: The Soap Opera

Sara the Monk must not allow the killers of love to prevail so she traverses through the vast terrains of Chile. The house of Neruda, theatre in the streets, death around every corner, but love is in the air and the powers of darkness must not reign again. Join Sara the Monks quest to fight the fight of fights!

The Geometry Brings Wakefulness

The world which we live in is composed of a multiple elements but in the realm of simplicity exist the geometric and the organic. Like calls in theoretical physics for a theory of unification, that which brings together quantum mechanics and general relativity. I explore a world of painting and video which begs to answer the same question. Interconnectivity and how it manifests and functions in everyday life and aesthetics. How art brings balance to a people existing in growing discontent and socio/economic/politico upheaval. How shape and color form imprints that tune us back into the electromagnetic frequencies of that which the earth and nature produce. Its like a meditation, an electric moment, ever ephemeral, ever cyclical. The time is ripe for a re-alignment of the molecular, for once the vibrations are in tune all else will fall into place. ( 100cm x 30cm resin and acrylic)

In the Beginning

Saints lived and fought, loved and sought but demons had to be killed and bodies purified and brought back to life. Those who appear as dangers are those that challenge the truths. Be weary of too kind a hand who speak words so sweet and songs of lure. The truth is harsher and deceivers are everywhere, the question is who is false and who is heart. And now the riddles are breaking and the consciousness evolving in these new beginnings of electric being.

Exploding Friendly

Mural we made at Matucana 100 in Santiago, Chile. Keeping it real friendly!

Erections and Explosions

Wow!! Finally photos of the murals we made in Santiago! Punto, Blok and I created this piece in one afternoon after biking in circles, dragging buckets of paints and brushes. Stopping at our first location near a whorehouse where middle-aged women dote bright lipstick, but the stench of stagnant piss guided us to a new location. This secret space surrounded by protective wooden barriers was perfect, therefore we proceeded with our mission. We painted maniacally for hours, silence and passing automobiles communicated between us and the creation. As the sun set a man appeared from the outside world and approached us cautiously. Ah, what are you painting? He seemed amused and then delighted, this was his home, a mattress and a grill and now a gigantic piece of electric color explosion. Like a sunrise in the morning. He offered us a mysterious potion from a plastic bottle and chatted up a storm about art and life. The darkness grew and another man approached. We left the two to enjoy their dinner and new mural in their living room.

Beware of Illusionists

On a rampaging campaign fueled by chemical mind benders and high octane showmanship the preachers of glamour, decadence and an unearthly persuasion pass on their antics through illustrious performance. But stay weary dear viewer for these cultish displays can prove hypnotic and may entrance you to move to the path of flourescente! Mystics, cowards, cowboys, spacemen, gluttonous whores, these are the far reaching trenches of the mind on the brink of madness.

beware of illusionists from dominika ksel on Vimeo.