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The Geometry Brings Wakefulness

The world which we live in is composed of a multiple elements but in the realm of simplicity exist the geometric and the organic. Like calls in theoretical physics for a theory of unification, that which brings together quantum mechanics and general relativity. I explore a world of painting and video which begs to answer the same question. Interconnectivity and how it manifests and functions in everyday life and aesthetics. How art brings balance to a people existing in growing discontent and socio/economic/politico upheaval. How shape and color form imprints that tune us back into the electromagnetic frequencies of that which the earth and nature produce. Its like a meditation, an electric moment, ever ephemeral, ever cyclical. The time is ripe for a re-alignment of the molecular, for once the vibrations are in tune all else will fall into place. ( 100cm x 30cm resin and acrylic)