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Erections and Explosions

Wow!! Finally photos of the murals we made in Santiago! Punto, Blok and I created this piece in one afternoon after biking in circles, dragging buckets of paints and brushes. Stopping at our first location near a whorehouse where middle-aged women dote bright lipstick, but the stench of stagnant piss guided us to a new location. This secret space surrounded by protective wooden barriers was perfect, therefore we proceeded with our mission. We painted maniacally for hours, silence and passing automobiles communicated between us and the creation. As the sun set a man appeared from the outside world and approached us cautiously. Ah, what are you painting? He seemed amused and then delighted, this was his home, a mattress and a grill and now a gigantic piece of electric color explosion. Like a sunrise in the morning. He offered us a mysterious potion from a plastic bottle and chatted up a storm about art and life. The darkness grew and another man approached. We left the two to enjoy their dinner and new mural in their living room.