Fields App Spatial Audio AR


Sonic Constellation II

This work includes 8 different interactive audio components that layer into a symphony of the Rockaway/Jamaica Bay biophony along with recordings of Black Lives Matter protests, 7pm Chants & Cheers for first responders, and neighborhood sounds created by RISE student.

The Place Where Things Fall Apart - Virtual Reality Book Excerpt

An excerpt of a 3 chapter VR ecoDrama. During chapter one you listen and interact with the sea life suddenly you begin leaving debris the longer you stay the more you impact the environment by leaving trails of debris. Chapter two begins near a colossal mountain of compressed micro-plastics, I found in Antarctica. Scientists I met verified that it filled the stomach and intestines killing a penguin and was quite common. Sounds cascading spatially recorded using a hydrophone can be heard in each photographic rock, you can arrange the rocks into compositions or listen to them individually by placing them to your ears. Chapter 3 echoes the eerie tumult of our ships' interior as we were pulled by a merciless storm into the Drake's passage for two days with a broken sail, no power or rescue in sight. This 3 week journey via a 42ft sailboat, with no heat or showers shined a light on many secrets and horrors held in this far removed, mysterious continent. Currently, I'm working on a physical book and album.**Please note most audio in this video are not accurate to the VR experience.