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Holotropik - 'Blessed Be'

Jade and I are in the process of finishing up our first album 'Blessed Be'. It should be entering ears canals a pulse away :)  Here's an updated link to our website check it out for more info on upcoming shows and some rough demos!


Yammertime - Magic and Forces filled the Air these Last Months - Links about our collectives happenings! HowDoYouSayYamInAfrican?

How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare - Pristine Gallerie - Monterrey, Mexico - Group Show


How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare

Curated by Raúl Zamudio
Monterrey, México. May 15, 2014
How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare is a group exhibition whose title cites Joseph Beuys’ watershed 1965 performance by the same name. Like Beuys’ performance in which he “explained” artworks to a dead hare in the gallery where he enacted his piece, the exhibition presents works that question the art object’s ontology and the politics of spectatorship via diverse media including photography, video, painting, sculpture, work-on-paper, installation, performance, and sound and olfactory works.

Dominika Ksel’s interactive Untitled (2012), for example, manifests in the interiority of the spectator. Similar to Lygia Clark’s Sensorial Mask (1967), which was worn over the spectator's head and blocked external perception in order to trigger self-awareness and reflection, Ksel’s piece is a kind of rave of the mind; for its optical and audio ecstasy of light and sound within the cranium proceeds from the inside to the outside rather than the other way around. Through this radical reconfiguration of art and its consumption, of object and subject, Ksel's work shares an affinity with what Antonin Artaud stated about his Theatre of Cruelty: “it is through the skin that metaphysics must be made to re-enter our minds.”

HiV @ Pioneer Works for the NY Theremin Society with LIVE SOUND!

This was really aurally wild 12 thereminists in single file in a massive reverberating hall, it truly sounded like a raging ghost orgy of the nether planes. I'll try and get some live footage up soon.

Live recording of the show thank you ClockTower Radio!

We are in the second block 14:42--about 3 minutes in :)

Angel Favorite, Charlie Hobbs & Dominika Ksel

Photo by Amanda Pohan

Invisible Landscapes - Explorations in Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

Above: Tuning Chamber - Bio-rhythmically retune the cacophony of the city in this oscillating pod. Using Ganzfeld sensory deprivation techniques and your voice to activate the body and interact with the reverberating frequencies. The dual chambers of your bodies cavity and that of the pod elicit a range of psycho-acoustic phenomena and vibratory healings.

Lighter Side of Darkness - The laser harp is an auditory zone of empowerment and an exploratorium of the invisible. Groups and individuals can use their bodies to interfere with light beams triggering a plethora of aural delights and interactivity.

Myth of Eternal Return, Returned - Is an interactive space where our nostalgic desires to return to the mythical time are juxtaposed by our current relationship as nature's domesticator, implicating ourselves in the matrix of commerce and mythology.

Meditation of Luck - A cast of a found mummified Zambian frog that works as a sound device. The frogs create resonant harmonics that chime luck into the participants ears.

Honey Bee Mural @ Bob and Rita's (the beekeepers B&D Apiary) - Jeffersonville, NY

Salpy Semerdjian and myself were so close to finishing this mural but you can't beat mother nature and the cold sprung up quickly in the lower Catskills. The finale shall be completed this spring and if its up to Rita the center should have a flying saucer moving into the horizon ;)

HiV (pronounced High Five) @ Bizarre Bar w/ WildTorUs

Pictured above : Angel Favorite, Charlie Hobbs, Dominika Ksel, Mike Vladi Vostok
Live soundzzzz & PerFormAnce - https://vimeo.com/89618517

Sound Coffin @ SILENT BARN w/ WildTorUS & friends - $acRED__sens-o-RE@L ::: SØLid S†å†∑ În†ELL¡genç∑

Sound Coffin is an immersive sensorial transformation. Here the participant enters the light proof coffin  and begins a journey into the depths of ego and death. Low frequency droning sound waves cascade through the body propelling the self out of the physical and into the infinite space of the etheric plane, connecting you with the unseen forces of life.

Nice article about the show!

Photos by Stefan Frederic Walz