Invisible Landscapes - Explorations in Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

Above: Tuning Chamber - Bio-rhythmically retune the cacophony of the city in this oscillating pod. Using Ganzfeld sensory deprivation techniques and your voice to activate the body and interact with the reverberating frequencies. The dual chambers of your bodies cavity and that of the pod elicit a range of psycho-acoustic phenomena and vibratory healings.

Lighter Side of Darkness - The laser harp is an auditory zone of empowerment and an exploratorium of the invisible. Groups and individuals can use their bodies to interfere with light beams triggering a plethora of aural delights and interactivity.

Myth of Eternal Return, Returned - Is an interactive space where our nostalgic desires to return to the mythical time are juxtaposed by our current relationship as nature's domesticator, implicating ourselves in the matrix of commerce and mythology.

Meditation of Luck - A cast of a found mummified Zambian frog that works as a sound device. The frogs create resonant harmonics that chime luck into the participants ears.