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No Humans Involved @ Witte de With Rotterdam May-August 2015

Shores of the Abyss 
The 6 single occupancy and 1 dual occupancy chambers exude a symphony as a living mix within the space. As one enters the chamber a distinct composition is emitted from each pentagonal structure. Once inside this private, sensory deprived space the body is immersed in physical vibrations and auditory tales through instrumentation and vocals. The wooden architecture evokes sacred geometric principles tapping into an ancient knowledge of shape, sound, body and spirit further propelling participants into a place on the edges of time, history and immateriality. 
Chambers: Dominika Ksel
Feet sculptures: Jasmine Murrell

Animas Hollywood Redux: Fears and Furies

A queer pyscho-drama illuminating the directorial fetishization of violence against women & misogyny in mainstream cinema's rape culture. Utilizing silent narrative, while referencing Boxing Helena, Deliverance, Irreversible as well as Polanski and Von Trier's countless films. The all-female cast and crew disrupt portrayals of mask-ulinity through a lens of obscenity, machismo, drag, BDSM, camp and the pastoral to create a disturbing commentary on the "entertainment" aka the 'entrainment' industry.


What do you get when the largest organism on the planet meets the human machine but a synthesis so daring it dares to be consumed! Dive into a world where money has no bounds and longevity, beauty and health are the golden elixir sought by the wealthiest zillionaires abound. A performance based on human obsession, opulence and irrational desires of impossibility that only the elite few may have the privilege of attempting to attain. Enter the zone of a NEW AGE, found just around the corner in a ravishingly gentrified Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, at large! A portal to the fountain of youth in the global catastrophe of consumer zeal!
Want the want be the future before the future devours you from the inside out!