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Interview with Fink and Theel Contemporary

3-D Rendering of one of my paintings --- preparing to enter landscapes into nether beyond

2014 the{fun}of it, be care full

I've been experimenting for many year's with the merger of video and paintings. Layering the two, embedding them like long lost lovers, refracting and reflecting, though never quite to satisfaction.  Now the journey takes a new turn as a way to enter this once physical space by virtual extension of the digital self, we are after all living as schizophrenics. The next logical step is to span our multidimensional selves into an immersive experience. Taking walks through the hills and textual colors to visit on the macro and the micro. Shifting continuously our perceptual possibilities and roles physically and neurologically as we play in these meta-realms of cognition and matter.

Temporary Agency - Takes a new journey into the wild blue Yonder!

                            To new beginnings, let the energies run high, deep and forever adventurous.
                            Thanks for all the wonderful support, creativity and community friends!

---I've been neglecting my post---here are some past performances/happenings

{High5}- Pre - Bloodflames @ Bizarre w/ WildTorus
SPECTRUM (NYC) - experimental sound night organized by Pas Musique aka Robert Pepper

BloodFlames {1st show} w/ WildTorus @ JACK

BloodFlames @ Temporary Agency - Nomadic Release

 BloodFlames starting the recording processssssssssssss <3 br="">
Also we kicked off the GAPAF(Great American Performance Art Festival)with WildTorus as part of the 48hour Shaman's Lodge. Playing 7 hours on Friday and 5 hours Saturday this was a test in endurance sound making. Hopefully I'll get some video from that shortly :)