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Govenors Island Art Fair - Performance Lab - w/ WiLdTorUs and many more!

Things got too wild for the fair and our power was cut off by the organizers. Apparently the performance was just too much to handle. Does sound and performance have a room in the house of art? Or are they the mistreated stepchildren searching for some loving arms! Above: Geraldo, Dominika, Charlie & Angel
Photos Salpy Semerdjian


Stairway to Hedon: The Collapse of the American Empire - An Energetic Performance - Inside & Out


On September 6th, 2013 a wonderful event occured:

Inside the Hunter MFA building at 450 W 41st in midtown a concrete ouroboros lies in solitude. After the laborious sweat and pours of Elizabeth Tubergen and the many hands and hours of fellow artists and friends, a lonesome monolith begs for a festivity to occur! An orgy of hope and transformation needing the powers and energies of us all to rise up, focus and call the forces to our aid. Then upon convergence we shall smash, splatter and destroy as an offering to the new dawn. A group vision whose only opposition is the self. A gutteral exertion of lambastic actions alchemizing the repugnance and disgust into an evenings delight!

Stairway to Hedon: The Collapse of the American Empire

So here is the basics: Bring your amazing selves, your odes, wishes, warnings and debaucheries, costumes, characters, attitudes, temperaments, hearts, hammers and bags of magik. We will all get into, onto, under and over the slinking stairs. Releasing, realizing and relating to all that was, is and shall be. This is a collaboration with us all so anyone willing to shoot video, bring live sound or perform would be most excellent and necessary. I would love this to be the meeting of the magik because we are all coming from different groups, perspectives, stories and lives and to bring that energy into one space, onto one object, would truly resonate in the most ecstatic of ways!
The idea is we will gather for a few hours of wonderment and then tear the installation down re-igniting its vitality with our corporeal selves.
Travis Braxton, B.J. Dini, Angel Favorite, Sabina Ibarrola, Heather Acs, Sequinette Jaynesfield, Elizabeth Tubergen, Angela LaSalle, Margeaux Walter, WildTorus {Mike + Amy}, Marissa Bluestone, Regan Venezia, Jeff, Salpy Semerdjian, Natalie Agee, Mette Loulou, Jane Carver, Deanna Viva Garcia, Dominika Ksel, Matt & Mike, Danny if I missed you let me know so I can fix that please. :)
Thanks Everyone for your Energies & Hearts
All sounds created by the tools and booms of the fall.