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Transliminality: Opening Our Portals

A ritualistic experiment in which the swelling of invisible forces grows amongst participants whose focus, intention and allowance connect to the universal mind. This energetic concentration helps facilitate a doorway, during which Dominika Ksel shares thought forms with Angel Favorite across vast distance, merging consciousness and transferring messages. Thought forms, waves of vibration, move beyond notions of space/time. Potentials of exchange and being. A dematerialization. Jade Payne and Charlie Hobbs a nexus of sounds burrowed deep in the skin. Soft singularity if the intentions are met. After conducting a series of mental preparations, heart centered, crystals programmed, an environment of light. Maya Jeffereis guides light safely in a dance. Brave journeys and minds wide ato the revelatory invisible!
Flux Factory, Queens, NY - Carnavale -April 8-21, 2013

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