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Tilly Foster Mine - Vortex level 5 - The Blue Hole

The legend of the Blue Hole tickled my feathers one summer morning and I wrangled up a couple of adventurous spirits (Salpy and Angela) & we headed north toward Brewster by train and walked a few miles along the highway to find the vortex. The Tilly Foster mines were old iron mines that collapsed in 1895,  killing 13 miners. From 1887 to 1889 the mine was made into an open pit, at the time the largest man-made pit. After the collapse the pit filled with water that was thought to be from a nearby reservoir. Yet, over the years,  all the surrounding lakes were drained in order to empty the Blue Hole but nothing seemed to be a connecting source. We spoke to a man who lives in one of the houses adjacent to the Blue Hole and he told us that the FBI was interested in having the Blue Hole drained because it had been used as a dumping ground for bodies by the local mob. Mini submarines were submerged into the nearly 700ft deep hole in order to find evidence of bodies yet non were ever found. He also told us about many paranormal activities in the area such as UFO's that enter the water and spirits of miners whose echoes are heard chiseling away for minerals. Speculation behind the years of strange phenomenon often lead one to think about the magnetite and chondrodite that is sprinkled all over the land. In fact we brought a magnet and collected pieces of this attractive source energy. 
Perhaps it is a place where  UFOs, inter-dimensional beings, lost souls gather and collect the energy of the vortex in order to continue on their paths. Either way, as we sat on the edge of this overly serene body, a sound of excavation pattered in the distance, giving rise to our goosebumps and furthering our curiosities.