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Dream Blankets and Pee Girl

Pee Girl: Origin Story (on shelf) and Dream Blankets (printed courtesy of our beloved Wal-Mart) at 594 LOFT in Bushwick, Brooklyn 2013.

Dragon on the loose

This forest contains a vortex, an energetic point on Earth where UFO activity has been rampant since the 1960's, Pine Bush, NY known for its close encounters and peculiar phenomenon. This forest, whose wildly thick bush allows no hospitable entrance was finally penetrated with ferocity that drizzly and dense summer afternoon. Drawn to the tales of thunderstorms that manifest without a cloud in sight and strobing rainbow lights emitted from its solid seeming center we attempted an entrance for the third time and were finally successful. Though the mystery of the forest has become disrupted because local condo development invaded and crushed the vortexes natural domain. There remain an enthusiastic group of UFO hunters and to this day random sightings of interdimensional beings that conjure up medieval tales of elfkins and gnomes. One of the true marvels that we discovered on a moonless night, sitting patiently in a car, across from the cemetery and forest, with camera in hand, the stars began to descend. Optical wonderment ensued, taking on a life of their own, we watched as stars transformed in to fireflies. Filling the flat grassy land, millions upon millions of glowing orbs, varying in size and speed. The immense clusters grew, swelling into pulsating tinges, it was easy to sense the power of the land as we rotated our heads to a natures disco.

Two Trees

Stills for Myth of the Eternal Return, returned 

Treemanism: Batty Brains

Angel poses as the batty treeman, one of the various anthropomorphic creatures living in the myth of the eternal return, returned: performing rites of passage transgressing space-time.