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The Spectacle

This piece was part of a paper on the society of the spectacle
often referencing the phenomenology of Guy De Bord & Michel de Certeau and its modern attributes surrounding the onslaught of pro-consumer propaganda as perpetuated by the government of the United States after the September 11th bombings. The headline "remember" was thrown up from Bush's pencil lips. A reminder to American's to shop the tragedy away by ignoring the US's implications in the deaths of thousands of civilians. This was exacerbated by the sudden burst of memorabilia flooding the streets of New York and slowly creeping into the homes of people all over the country. The use of the music is very crucial especially the version of the anthem which was also blasted from the speakers of tankers rolling into Afghanistan to frighten the population. This "spectacle" was a moment to help remind us of the manipulations of capitalism that surround us each and everyday.

The Spectacle from dominika ksel on Vimeo.

Spaceship Garden

Vanessa Lowe and I created this piece after stumbling upon the the mysterious terrain of the spaceship garden. Unbeknowest to us the powers of the garden cause molecular zaps of dancing spasticness that incite delirium to vacillate through each electrical charge of our bodies. Often causing behaviors that one could interpret as a severe loss of control. This is a robot called friendship.

Spaceship Garden from dominika ksel on Vimeo.