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Trapped inside the digital realm Pamela and Dominika are lost in feedback fields as they attempt to find a way home!

Consumption as Action!

So I was sad to hear about the situation in Honduras but even sadder that NIKE (ADIDAS & GAP as well), of all companies is calling for the restoration of democracy because their sweatshops were shut down. I know we all know that sweatshops exist and that its hard to purchase products that are made by people who are treated humanely and paid a fair wage in comparison to the high profit margins of major corporations like NIKE. Calling out and boycotting products from a company like NIKE is crucial to changing business behavioral patterns for companies following this corporate giants trends. The largest companies are the ones who set trends and are therefore the ones to be held most responsible. So if you are in support of slavery please keep buying NIKE. If you can put your MTV fashions behind you then boycott all their products, get informed on other companies doing the same and spread the word.