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Through the Wormhole of Iquitos

Rapidly we shifted through the brush like flailing dolls on heaven's playground. All form disintegrated into a flux of impending color explosion. Catalyzed by our lust for adventure in this ancient lush land of infinite possiblity. We clung to our physical as much as one can during a jump through the wormhole to the ends of time!

Hyper Reality of Bacterial Monsters

The tbbabies exist in a molecular haven of micro organismos, they plague the soul of the artist, tearing the breathe away. During their peak they roll with excitement and festivity during their flesh eating feast. Beware not all that seems well fares well.

More Art from Brescia: Triptych

The Ever-present Expansion
Triptych 90 x 30 oil and resin

History of Monsters

The Monsters were born from the future, the parallel universe, the hermaphorditic, hideous beauty. They are made of science, art, nature and love. The darkness of human kind, the filth, enviromental destruction, created a mutant species of saints which have come back to give us messages of what is to come and of how to ease in the transition. The time is ripe for inter-dimensional travel, comraderie, sexuality, in the stellar infinity of galatic oneness. We all have our Monsters, we are trash and love, existing in a state of delusional reality, opening our hearts to the infinite potential of possiblities, vibrational changes, frequency shifts, growing our Monsters. These are the protectors, the transistors, beyond human, beyond sex. Monsters are free, liberated, able to mold space/time at any whim, traveling throughout the universe to harvest the conciousness of beings of hate, war and fear. Within each of us exists a Monster.

Me and Tess
122 x 122 cm mix media on wood

I Fucking Love You by Strafottenti

marco, moira, pamela and dominika

Mapped Moments of Your Lives on a Molecular Level

These are abstract maps with a minimum of 7 layers of oil and resin. They are part of an ongoing series capturing the microscopic moments of the exploding cosmos. Each of us is molecularly infused with this imminent everything of nothingness perpetually moving, growing, ever changing, setting off frequencies through shape and color. These are just slices of life expressing what physics can't seem to put into words. 

30 x 30 cm oil and resin on canvas
30 x 30 cm oil and resin on canvas

Loma P
30 x 30 cm oil and resin on canvas


Of Saints and Monsters: Works in Brescia

72 x 52 cm arylic on canvas

Of Saints and Monsters: Works in Brescia 2

52 x 72 cm acrylic on canvas

My Monsters, Birth of Future

152 x 122 cm mixed media

My Monsters, Birth of Future 2

152 x 122 cm mixed media

My Monsters, Birth of Future 3

152 x 122 cm mixed media